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Professor Wm Jackson

Visions of Educational Technology and Social Media Course 2017

Visions of Educational Technology and Social Media Course 2017
at Edward Waters College 



Prof. Jackson




HBCU Bloggers What Does It Take in 2017
by Prof. William Jackson Edward Waters College
Educational Technology and Social Media

The conclusion of another academic semester means that
studnets are open to freedoms sought after and in most
cases earned. Students from HBCUs are looking forward
to summer experiences with employment, internships,
summer camps or relaxing with family and friends. What
should not be forgotten and ignored is the opportunity
to continue to contribute content in blogging and thought
leadership opportunties.

HBCU students have a cultural and historical responsibility
to share ideas, thoughts, passions and even dreams that
seek to improve the intellectual, cultural and societal
importance of people of color and culture. There are
challenges that need to be blogged about, vblogged and
podcasted to share important content to make appropriate
changes to improve communities and families.

If HBCU students do not take advantage of the “break”
from school, they miss a unique opportunity to be
increasingly seen and gain a digital following because
there will be less distractions from school and other
events that distract creating digital content.
Professors, instructors, teachers and educators must use
the summer break to plan, design, collaborate and ultimately
integrate new instructional ideas to build on in the next

HBCU academic staff cannot afford to sit on their behinds
because their is still much community work that needs to
be done and teaching is not always done in the classroom,
we as educators must get out with those not formally
educated and inspire them to want to learn more.
Others are working to create images that do not do people
of color and culture justice, they seek to sterilize the
good things youth, teens and young adults of color are
accomplishing. Areas of the media choose to show people
of color not in the light of progressive learning and
living, but in the darkness of ignorance and rebellion.

What does it take to be a blogger and social media
influencer in 2017? The ability to create content and
share on Social Media platforms is a process to influence
thinking, decisions and actions of readers. We have a
responsiblity to make people think, communicate and
take positive actions in their homes, with their families
and in their communities.

Developing personal Brands that exemplifies the spirit
of HBCUs. Through content creation HBCU students
create the exposure to network with those in the industries
they are interested in. To become serious in their quest
for success and access to those that are seen as
successful. HBCU students should know at least 5
professionals in the careers they are interested in.

How important is connecting and collaboration?
Africa experienced the largest growth in mobile
subscriptions of any world region in 2014 and
improvements in mobile infrastructure is said to be
the key factor for the strong growth. This is the
future competitors for technology and Social Media.

This creates connections to grow from and allows for
mentoring and role modeling. If students do not see
success from the people they are working to be, then
they may not be able to see themselves in successful

Provided by Prof. Jackson What Does It Take in 2017
1. Write as if the world is going to view your content
that represents you and your passions. People should
want to join you on your journey.
2. When blogging take the time to read, review, rewrite,
and revise what you have written. Grammar and spelling
count. Listen to YouTube videos from diverse
authors so you can reflect upon your writing direction.
3. Reflection is important, it is vital to think on your
writings and consider your desired end result. What is
your mission and vision for your content?
4. Embrace the diversity of the world, it expands your
ability to connect and engage with the diversity of your
5. Attend conferences that allow for sharing of ideas
and concepts. No blogger is an island to themselves,
you must attend conferences, workshops, seminars and
6. When writing remember your building relationships
with others.
7. Read writers that you respect and admire, this
inspires your creativty and literary growth. HBCU studens
should have at least 5 authors they can qoute and connect
with. Reading is fundamental to academic and professional

8. Storytelling paints a picture, so use words that
encourage the imagination and inspire consistent
content development.
9. When writing understand that writing is a process,
the more you write the better you get.
10. Don’t be afraid to submit your blogs to newspapers,
magazines and online to be published.
11. Keep your passion and excitement about your writing,
it is an extension of who you are.
12. Write for enjoyment and a purpose.
13. Your writing is an important part of who you are,
what you are growing into and how to expand your voice.
14. HBCU students continue to grow in your field, you may
start off in a traditon blog, be willing to
incorporate Microblogging, Podcasting, Vblogging and
other technologies that reach diverse audiences.

15. Never doubt your ability to grow beyond where you are.
16. Don’t blog when you are emotional, your judgement
will be blurred and filled with emotions not facts.
17. Never use your blog to spread racism, profanity,
prejudice, hate, sexism or involve in Sexting. This will
damage your Brand and your reputation.
18. Be careful of who you associate with, this may influence
future internships, scholarships, associations and publishing.
19. Never let random people take your picture, they can be
use later against you.
20. Freedom of speech is a constitutional right until you
slander, accuse, threaten and demean others.
21. Be careful and protect your intellectual property, don’t
use company or school based hardware/software to store
blogs, videos or photos. You will loose your rights.

A blogger is a life-long journey and should be a life
long adventure.

Visions of Educational Technology and Social Media Course 2017